How Does School Bus Service In Virginia Addresses Bullying?

How Does School Bus Service In Virginia Addresses Bullying?

Every student deserves to feel respected and safe on their way to school. Bullying is a very wrong practice and a serious issue that must be addressed for the safety of the children. It can significantly affect the overall well-being of the kid and hamper his performance in academics and sports. Here are some ways indicating how school bus service in Virginia creates a welcoming and safe environment for the children and prevents bullying on the school bus.

Establishing Clear Rules

Many school buses in Virginia have clearly defined rules and codes of conduct in the bus. They closely work with the administrators of the school and ensure all the children and parents are aware of the rules laid down. These rules specify the behaviors that are simply not tolerable on the bus and the resultant punishment one may get for breaking them.

Assign Seats to Children

In many school buses, every individual is allotted a seat as per the driver’s will. According to the nature and behavior of the children they are assigned seats to prevent the formation of bullying hotspots. Further, the drivers have a support system in the bus who are addressed as conductors who monitor every child and deal with any such incidents.

Anonymous Reporting

Many drivers encourage anonymous reporting because If a child is a victim of bullying but fears coming up and addressing the problem then encouraging them to report anonymously provides the child a way to address the issue without fearing anyone.

Involvement of Parents

Since parents better know their kids, they must be involved and kept updated with the situations going on in the school bus. Parents are a safe place for the children wherein they can communicate everything. Further, parents can cooperate with drivers to get the right solution. With constant guidance and support from both ends, a positive environment can be created on the school bus.

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