Welcome The New Year With Party Bus Limousine

It’s time to say goodbye to this year and get ready to roll into a new year with fun and enthusiasm. Celebrate the endings and step into the fresh beginnings with your friends and families. Get ready to hop on board and have a crazy party all night with a party bus limousine.

Reasons To Choose Party Bus Fairfax as Your Travel Partner

Party Bus Limousine is an ideal choice for group travels as it holds numerous advantages making it one of the most convenient modes of transport to travel in.

Highly spacious:

Party buses are highly spacious and can accommodate up to 20, 24 and 30 passengers easily. They cater to diverse needs and have sufficient space for legroom.

Unparalleled Comfort:

Party buses provide unparalleled comfort to the passengers. Plush leather seats and spacious seating allows passengers to travel with utmost comfort.

Bar Facility:

Get ready to cheer for new beginnings. To elevate your travel experience, party buses have a separate bar facility for the passengers. Now you can enjoy your drinks while on wheels.

Tailored Services:

Having a personal mode of transportation for your group unfolds numerous advantages. You can get tailored services for your group. Even after the party ends you can still carry on your party on the bus. Navigate in the streets and party all night without worrying about anything.


The moment you step into the bus you can feel the energetic vibes all around. The fibre optic lighting and high class audio-visual system are all set to get you in the party mood. A superior quality sound insulation system is used to give you an escape from outside chaos.

Safety And Privacy:

The safety and privacy of the passengers is their top priority. No need to worry about all these factors. Also, there is a panel that acts as a barrier between passengers and chauffeurs, allowing complete privacy.

Now get ready to plan your New Year party with a party buses Fairfax to experience a night like never before. It’s highly recommended to get transportation services from Simple Limos as they provide quality services and have years of experience. Get a price quotation today and book your services before it’s too late!